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A Warm-Hearted Place To Do Yoga & More You know how good the sun can feel on your body when it peaks out from behind clouds. That’s how Sol feels. And just as the sun emits many streams of light, Sol offers an abundance of yoga and other mind-body experiences. You’ll find yoga, dance, music, chi weight training and more. Increase your inner calm, physical strength and well-being. Welcome to Sol. Namaste.


 New Teacher Spotlight

Sarah Lowenthal

How did you discover yoga?
I had just finished my chief residency in Family Medicine at UCSF which was one of the most challenging years of my life.  After years of being on-call, working up to 120 hrs per week and witnessing life-threatening traumas, I myself was struggling with anxiety, insomnia and physical pain.  A friend suggested I try yoga several years prior but I thought that the last thing I wanted to do was sit still and breathe!  Luckily, my first yoga class was anything but that.  I walked into a challenging ashtanga vinyasa class and fell in love with the flowing sequences and the fluidity of the practice.  Also, as it turns out, the teacher was a physician!  That was a very serendipitous day for me.  Not only was I hooked on the practice, but a seed had been planted that I might want to teach yoga some day. It wasn’t until 10 years later that I went on to teach but I remember that day like it was yesterday.
  Why do you teach yoga?  What do you enjoy about teaching? The main reason I love teaching is that I like helping people feel better.  As a physician, it sometimes takes a long time to see improvement in patient’s physical and emotional well-being.  Teaching yoga is a great compliment to that because I get to help people feel better right away, in the moment.  As a teacher, I strive to help students experience their bodies in a very positive light, to find strength, comfort and peace within themselves.  All I really do is assist them to be their own doctor or teacher.   What teachers have influenced your practice most? K. Pattabhi Jois, Laura Camp, Tim Thompson, Rachel Meyer, Thomas Murphy Other than that, my husband Fred, my step-children, and my patients are some of my greatest teachers.     Where will we find you when you’re not teaching? Well, I love to cook so you will definitely find me at Good Earth scoping out the seasonal produce.  I have even been know to take iPhone photos of their hot food recipes and make them at home myself (don’t tell anyone…:)).  Some of my other favorite spots are the hiking trail at Cascade Falls, Frogs Hot Tubs and Spa, and the movie theater (I’m a bit of a movie junkie).   What are your favorite foods? Apples (organic fugi and divas to be specific).  The perfect organic, fair trade dark chocolate, at least 70%, of course.


Heated Classes

Click here for Schedule                                                                                                                              98 Degrees ( Body Temp )
  At SOL we offer heated classes ( as well as non heated ) 7 Days per week. We use a essential oil filter watered humidifier and filtered fresh air to heat the room.  We offer shower facilities and towels are available. Natural light and flowing water from the fountain in the courtyard complete the experience  
Please bring:
  • Water bottle ( we have filtered water available )
  • Yoga Mat (yoga mats for rent)
  •  Towels ( complementary small hand towels available )

NON-Heated Classes

Click here for Schedule 

We also offer Restorative, iRest-Yoga Nidra, Valentina Method Dance & Core Fusion w/weights,
Sol Beginners & Sol  Flow  Fusion (all non-heated) and Sangha Flow (mild heat 80-85 ) 7 Days per week. Our studio has all the props you need, a beautiful sprung wood floor with "green" earth plastered walls.Natural light and flowing water from the fountain in the courtyard complete the experience.
Please bring:
  • Water bottle ( we have filtered water available )
  • Yoga Mat
  • comfortable layered clothing ( where what makes you FEEL good)
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